Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dental Care for Youth

Pediatric Dental Care in Cincinnati
Choosing Your Child’s Dentist is as Important as Choosing Their Pediatrician
We emphasize the importance of instilling good dental hygiene habits at an early age. Children are more prone to cavities, as they do not always brush well. We encourage parents to be a part of their children’s daily dental care for better cleaning and consistent daily care.

As children eat more often throughout the day, this extends the exposure of acid to their teeth. Every time you eat, acid is produced in the breakdown of food. As acid builds up and bacteria form, cavities will result. If a tooth is not clean to begin with, additional acid from contact with food and drink will increase the rate of cavity development.

With a healthy diet, improved hygiene habits, and an application of fluoride varnish that will mineralize teeth, the chances of decay can be lessened.

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