Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dental Root Canal Treatment

Dental Root Canal Treatment Cincinnati
Saving Hopeless Teeth
In the past, root canals had the reputation of being a dreaded treatment and something to be avoided. But with advanced techniques and the latest anesthetics, it is a manageable procedure for the patient.

Root canal therapy will save a tooth so it doesn’t need to be extracted. A missing tooth can cause other problems, and keeping a natural tooth in place preserves a full and healthy smile.

During this procedure, the pulp interior of a tooth is removed and a special filling material is packed inside the tooth. This is not the same type of filling as for a cavity restoration. Sometimes a crown is placed over the tooth for added strength and full functionality.

You will be pleased to know Dr. Hagen is very experienced in the latest techniques of root canal therapy to save a tooth that has infected or damaged roots. 

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